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Lucy G. Barnes, Art Psychotherapist and Systemic Practitioner
"After doing Chi Gong with Mr Yang I felt my life change in subtle and powerful ways: I felt happier, my life felt more fluid and full of possibilities:  that year I managed to leave a job that I wanted to move on from and got a good job to move on to.  I also met my now husband, and I felt that Chi Gong gave me both the confidence and the strength to go out looking for him, and the luck to find him! 
My appearance has also changed since I started doing Chi Gong with Mr Yang: I have lost wight, my health has improved and I feel and look more attractive!
I highly recommend practicing chi gong: the above descriptions are about the things that can happen once you start to work with and develop you chi.
It has had and still continues to have a profound effect on my life and at times I feel connected to a deep well of spirituality."
Zoë Martlew, Musician; Reiki Master
"I arrived for my first healing session with Ching-Wen exhausted and drained from a long and painful relationship break-up, completely broke and feeling stuck and directionless in life generally. In a matter of minutes into the healing session I felt a delicious sense of relief and light flooding through my system and life force returning to replace the old blocked energy. Since that moment life has made a complete turn around for the better. Interesting work has been pouring in, as has money. New creative opportunities and friends have come my way and I feel happier, more peaceful, more energetic and light-filled than I have for a long time.
Realising the exceptional knowledge and wisdom behind Ching-Wen's work, I have taken up regular QiGong classes with him, which have clearly increased my sense of well being, health and joyful potential in life each time. The back pain that has bugged me for years has almost disappeared and I'm also starting to lose weight, a much-desired and added bonus. 
Master Ching-Wen Yang is an extremely powerful teacher and healer of ancient lineage, who radiates a gentle patience, humour and compassion. It is a rare gift to find an eastern Master willing to transmit such pure knowledge to us westerners in ways we can understand  -  and afford. For those serious about finding greater peace and joy in life, and connecting to the truth and stillness within, I cannot recommend him highly enough."  
"Hello, My name is Matthew.  I first met Ching Wen in 2009, at a time when I was in a great deal of pain and discomfort in various parts of my body.  Within fifteen minutes I was relieved of one of the causes of that pain.
For about eighteen months I had been unable to lift my left arm any higher that my shoulder maybe not even that high.  With Ching Wen's unique abilities he managed to heal my shoulder and gave me instant and lasting relief.
Two discs in my back have collapsed which causes me to limp and restricts my mobility considerably.  Although I will require some surgical intervention to my back Ching Wen is able to give me a great deal of relief from the pain this causes using Qi Gong.
Through Qi Gong I achieve an enormous amount of well being and contentment and I am convinced that it is because of Ching Wen's thorough understanding of his art.
Some of you may feel sceptical, but I can assure you that I would not give anyone this kind of endorsement unless I was totally satisfied by the results.  Ching Wen is honest and sincere in everything he does in his life and is fully committed to his practice of Qi Gong.
Please feel free to contact me through my email address if you would like to know anything more.  matthew_mordin@yahoo.com"